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Men, Thank GOD Daily For Your Wife

Men, Thank GOD Daily For Your Wife  by Rich Allcorn   Sometimes in life things don’t always go the way we think they’re going to. You might be rocking along there and fully expecting a particular situation to go a certain way, and then all of a sudden it changes! Change is not always bad, but sometimes is very good! Sometimes God is making changes to put you in a better situation, and the experience from the last situation is what you carry with you to help you excel in the new one! But we don’t always see it that way… And that’s why God places people in our lives, to help us, to encourage us, and to lift us up so that we can again fly and soar with the Eagles and be successful.  There is nothing quite as bad as having a major disappointment in your life, having to deal with your own feelings over it and then figuring out ways to overcome it, and then you see the eyes, and you hear the disappointment in the voices, of the very ones who were counting on you ... to knock it

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