Monday, March 26, 2018

Change is in the winds ...

We sold our home in Round Rock, and paid off all of our debts, and moved to Georgetown in a really nice apartment complex in the area called “Wolf Ranch”.  Our purpose?  To be debt-free, to get our tithing strait with GOD, and to hear from HIM on what we are to do, and where we are to go next.  

In my current job, as a home security and life-systems sales consultant, it can be challenging.  I have to often do spiritual warfare just to keep the other companies from scavenging over my prospects and customers.  I also have to pray and ask GOD for favor, that my customers will be receptive, open and willing, and will “buy” from me!  I never sell them more than they need, unless they are wanting more.  I tell them about all that we have in home automation, and often I get really good sales.  But it’s all about the customer, right?  I believe so.  

But with all of that success, I still cannot seem to reach the level of success my wife has in her business of mortgage processing ... she far exceeds me in the income bracket.  I pay high taxes, earning my income from commission sales.  So, I am seeking, asking and listening ... to get direction from GOD on what ultimately I am supposed to do.  I love teaching and preaching.  I often have many who seem interested, and say, “We’re going to have to have you come preach at our church ...” but that’s just it - they are empty promises.  Seldom do they call.  I don’t want to push myself on them, so I keep asking GOD, is it just “me”?  Is this “my dream” and not yours?  

I have so many friends in India, Kenya, and other parts of Africa, that are constantly in prayer for me.  Many want me to mentor/father them spiritually.  I need HIS direction on this ...  and I am praying.  

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